The Software

Our capacity to scale & grow consistently is backed by our first-class Agri-Tech platform.
We use a combination of engineering, plant science, and computer-managed environmental control technologies to optimize plant growth, quality, and production efficiency.

Our platform is backed by AI technologies, IoT and Big data, enabling continuous self-improving actions. Additionally we gather a wealth of external data to continuously provide the optimal TMR to our customers.

 We must harness the power of Big Data, cloud computing
and machine learning to grow reliably, sustainably, and economically 

The Effective Features


  • Replace 15%-60% of the Total Mixed Ratio (TMR)

  • Improves digestibility of the total ration

  • Improves animal health

  • Up to 25% IOFC increase (Milk or Meat)


  • Designed for large-scale production, using facilities that have been feeding over 10,000 cows in the US

  • Reliable daily harvest, ready to be blended with the feed ration


  • Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

  • AI backed for yield optimization

  • Automated seeder, water drip irrigation and lighting

The Hardware

We deploy hydroponic vertical farm facilities produced by Tier-One proven suppliers and embed them with our proprietary operating & monitoring devices.
Our installed facilities can feed from hundreds to multiple thousands of ruminants at a time (cows, sheeps, camels, horses, etc.).